Our goal isn’t just to build your website, the goal is to build your business!

Convert leads into customers with Business Genius Pro’s fully optimised, high converting websites.

Website Creation

Our talented website team can build and design landing pages, blogs, single and multi-page websites, or complete e-commerce websites for you. 

We take the time to understand your marketing objectives and create a flawless user experience that generates increased conversions, revenue, and growth for your brand

Our process includes step by step revisions.


We know it’s important that you have the capacity to change your site as your business grows. Once your site is setup, we action changes that are needed as part of our website care and maintenance program as needed.

why we Are different ..

Our main focus is to build a high converting website using current marketing principles. We focus on both high quality website design and establishing a digital marketing presence.

Our sole focus is to massively increase traffic to your website  that leads to high client conversions.


Our advantage

6 reasons to choose business genius pro

Websites Tailored to your Industry

We have subject matter experts from most industries that really tailor your website to suit your client demographics. Never be left alone to come up with the winning formula for your website.

You’ll Never Need A New Website

Websites need to stay relevant and always need changes. Enjoy the benefits of our Website Pro care plan with a free 'refresh' or additions as required once a year.

Money Back Quality Guarantee

We are very confident in what we do! So if you don't like your website we will simply refund your money within 30 days of completion upon request.

Mobile & SEO Responsive

We always have client acquisition in mind for your website. Attracting clients from Google or Facebook is priority as is the flexibility of your site to automatically resize itself for the device it is being viewed on so it always looks great.


We ensure that all traffic to your website is not lost with google and Facebook integrations included. Website marketability is at the forefront of our designs.

Genius 21

Our templates are all customised and built within 21 days to first draft stage for review! Forget long delays and let our team turbo charge the design process.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes absolutely– Most of our work starts with mobile and iPad device responsiveness in mind. We will adapt your site to each device it is viewed from. 

Yes, absolutely. The structure of your site will be setup to enhance your ranking, traffic and leads.

Our sites provide a roc solid foundation to commence SEO and other targeted marketing

Your site is stored and saved in the cloud. This allows it to be available   24/7. This is known as hosting. A host is the remote computer (usually a sophisticated data centre) connected through the internet, on which your site is actually stored. BGPro can manage this on a monthly basis with a fee charged usually monthly or yearly. This cost covers the infrastructure (computers, servers, wiring and more).

Yes – We work with you to provide and design templates that      help make an irresistible offer to your clients.

Yes – Embedded videos is something we recommend to our clients. We work closely to create, edit and embed videos that maximise your click through and website engagement without ‘breaking the bank’. Video is fast becoming a ‘must have’ on every site.


CMS stands for content management system. WordPress is one of several CMS’s out there and is the most widely. Our websites are built in WordPress. Itallows you to update the text and pictures on your site or add new products if you have a store.

Yes. At the clients

‘s direction,we generally  integrate tracking codes from Google & Facebook so you can keep talking to your clients even after they’ve left your website.

Your requirements will typically change pretty quickly. Thats why we’ve got you covered. We build with modern layouts and give you the option to refresh every 12 months  for free.

Yes – Our monthly service and care plan provides great support around design and posting of blog to all social channels 

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