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RIGHT NOW there is a very real need for all of us to protect ourselves against harmful diseases. 

John Toomey’s ‘My Immunity’ online programme has the power to transform and shape our health and wellbeing.

A ‘must do’ personal and work initiative that sets a new path for people and organisations.

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64 mins




Build Your Immunity

Strong immunity is not created by good luck or by vaccines for that matter. Whilst a vaccine may be created to improve immunity against a particular pathogen, your own immune system, like your fitness, is your responsibility. You can build powerful immunity in a short time, if you know how.

Stay Healthy

Good health is your starting point in life, bit modern lifestyle habits and poor health maintenance can take it away. Following the My Immunity program will help you become healthy again, and stay healthy.

Help Your Community

Once you have completed this program, you will have enough understanding to help your community. Plus, when you build your immunity, you are taking a step to reduce risk in your community.


the most important battles are fought inside of you


Gain an understanding of the powerful relationship between hydration and your blood volume, and the connection to efficient blood circulation. A strong Immunity relies on this effective circulation.

Video   6 mins. 27 secs       

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources



A good nights sleep could be closer than you think! A step by step process that teach the viewer how to go about creating a restful night’s sleep and why this is so important to overall health and immunity.

Video   7 mins.  53 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

Our microbiome needs to thrive for strong immunity. What is it?  and how can you care, support and nurture it?

Let John answer all these questions and more…

Video   8 mins .55 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

Damaging your Microbiome and what this means?

Learn and become aware of the processes in place in our food productions that are breaking down our immune system and the human body.

Video  6 mins. 57 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

A healthy diet is crucial to our immunity and wellbeing. Learn how our immunity can be boosted with the right supplements to support your health and well being. 

 Video  13 mins.  11 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

Learn and understand about the fascinating existence of the Epigenome and how it works with your immunity.

Video  12 mins. 20 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact that connecting with nature has on human health and immunity.

Video  5 mins. 11 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

Get inspired and understand the benefits of regular exercise and how to get started.  A realistic approach that’s easy to take onboard.

Video  4 mins.  42 secs

  • Includes Quizz
  • Additional Resources

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