Campaigns ' Done for you.'

Ignite your leads with Business Genius Pro’s sales funnel and automated sequences

Let our Marketing Automation bring you interested prospects

Automatically bring interested prospects to your door so you or your team can close the deals. BG Pro’s marketing automation tools fuse personalised content with email drip campaigns to capture your prospects’ attention and understand their intent.  BG Pro’s partners have experienced jaw-dropping engagement.


We help your local business engage with your customers and drive them back to you more often, all on AutoPilot!

Movylo Genius technology has a nurturing/customer engagement engine that sends targeted messages to the customers of the business. This converts a list of emails/phone numbers into a flow of real customers coming in and it is all automated for you.

If you want to nurture you customers and keep them coming back by offering rewards, coupons, birthday wishes or offer loyal customers discounts or include a loyalty points system then this is the product for you! Tailor the system to suit your needs in any industry.

When you offer a more engaging, exciting way to present your brand, people listen.

Customer engagement is simply the last mile of the customer journey

Ongoing campaign Management

Maintaining a robust and healthy mailing list is an integral part of small business marketing success. As such, Campaign Management includes: -Identifying and managing bounced email addresses, how to manage them, and when to remove a contact from your list.  Targeted and segmented email sequences to target the right client prospects.

Email Marketing Done For You!

Work smarter...

Email and automation tools continue to grow in popularity for businesses owners. Our tech tools are action oriented allowing customers to set up high converting sales funnels and deal with customer enquiries effortlessly !

An 'All in One' platform

Ongoing Campaign Management

Coordinate and manage campaigns using email, text, coupons and more

Dedicated sales funnels

All campaigns are created to target existing clients and prospects

Live Data & Progress

Every one of our clients whether big or small, have a client panel login and dashboard to view the progress on all campaign initiatives. Total transparency is our point of difference that provides our clients with live updates and maximum return on investment.

Campaign offers & Rewards

Get highest quality leads that lead to real and measurable growth


Most frequent questions and answers

Email marketing is all about creating value for the reader. Depending on your audience, that might include an informational newsletter, or a monthly promotion. We’ll work with you to create rich content that engages readers and motivates them to accomplish the goals you’re hoping to achieve.

Best practice suggests that 1-2 emails per week is ideal frequency for better sales. There is no limit to the number of extra emails you can promote. It depends on a range of factors to do with industry , budgets and what is best for your business success.

Movylo Genius ensures all your leads and clients are managed effectively. It helps your business capture & convert all these potential customers into real and loyal customers. Nurturing them and keeping your business in their mind in a personalized and rewarding way.

All tailored campaigns require a high converting webpage that really highlight the special benefits of the product or service you promote. This is essentially what landing pages are. They a crucial to the success of your marketing initiates.

Yes! Our services range from simple advice right through to full email database management.

Before we begin work, we require a meeting via phone or email. On the initial email campaign, the content meeting will be part of a larger onboarding and setup. Once the content call is complete, we’ll have a first draft of the email campaign complete and ready for review within 10 business days. We then allow for any edits to the email before sending.

We can absolutely provide stock images and video if requested and required. However, we recommend that you  provide professional images of the business to ensure an authentic and engaging email campaign

Yes – Movylo Genius sends personal messages and offers that drive customers to you without you or your staff doing a thing! Its a ‘must have’ product of all small and medium business.

Yes absolutely. – Our experienced staff ensure this is the backbone of any marketing campaign and lead capture program. It is an essential requirement to maximise your marketing dollar.

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