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LinkedIn offers a variety of unique marketing features that other social media platforms simply can’t rival, especially if you’re in the B2B space.

Our LinkedIn dedicated team stays up-to-date with algorithm changes and LinkedIn news, so we can provide your business with the best marketing results possible. Our expertise on LinkedIn’s ad campaign manager and our ability to strategically select amongst the platform’s wide variety of ad formatting and targeting capabilities enables us to generate the ideal outcomes for your business.

Our team closely monitors the ad campaign performance and makes adjustments throughout its run to achieve the results that support your overall goals. Following the conclusion of each campaign, we analyze results and insights and utilize them to optimize the campaign.

We understand the importance of using budgets efficiently, so you can expect clear communication from our end from start to finish. Rest assured that every step of the process we will always ensure we are using your resources proficiently and successfully to help achieve the objectives you desire most.

LinkedIn stands out from its fellow social media giants that boast similar numbers as the space to target and effectively reach professionals all over the world.


How Much Does LinkedIn Advertising Cost in 2021?

LinkedIn advertising costs depend on several factors, including target audience, campaign objective, and bid. On average, though, the cost of LinkedIn ads is $5.26 per click, $6.59 per 1000 impressions, and $0.80 per send.

When you offer a more engaging, exciting way to present your brand, people listen.

Speak to us today so we can get your social genius rolling.

At Business Genius Pro, we specialise in all forms of social media marketing, and LinkedIn is one of our areas of expertise. We know how to tailor content for specific audiences, grow your network, maximise your reach, and ultimately boost your bottom line by utilising the powerful features of LinkedIn advertising.

Here are a few examples of our LinkedIn advertising options in Abbotsford. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.

Build your LinkedIn networks

LinkedIn is all about building connections. For example, web writers might use LinkedIn to search for web developers to gain industry insights or search for work. Businesses, on the other hand, can build connections with potential clients. However, you need to know how to expand your network rapidly because otherwise, it can take months to connect with just a few hundred people. Our experts can grow your network efficiently. More importantly, they’ll connect you to professionals that will prove beneficial for your business, whether they can lend you their expertise or invest in your products. We can even leverage your built-in fan base to grow your network – your employees are much more likely to share your content than other readers.

LinkedIn content

Any good advert, regardless of which platform it’s designed for, needs to be filled with compelling content that attracts attention. However, creating Instagram advertisements is far different from developing ads for Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals, meaning you need to tailor your content accordingly. The good news is that as many as six out of ten LinkedIn readers are interested in reading news concerning industry insights, and the same can’t be said for Facebook. Essentially, if you want to establish authority and respect as a company, you need to be active on LinkedIn – and you need to post content frequently.

LinkedIn sponsored ads

When you post new content, it will appear on the feeds of your connections. But what if you want your advertisements to be seen by readers beyond your immediate network? The most straightforward way to reach new customers who aren’t currently in your network is to pay for advertising. Fortunately, the LinkedIn ads cost is highly cost-effective. LinkedIn paid advertising may require an investment, but it’s one that could work wonders for your business. If you want to maximise your return on investment, you should partner with the experts at BG Pro.


Admittedly, LinkedIn isn’t the most powerful marketing tool for all types of business. However, if you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn isn’t just a useful advertising tool – it’s an essential one that you can’t afford to ignore. LinkedIn can be especially useful for recruiters, but it’s also a handy marketing platform for companies in industries such as software, exporting, importing and much more. If you want to find out whether LinkedIn advertising is what your company needs to overtake the competition, we hope to hear from you.

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Major Benefits of LinkedIn promotions

Advertising on LinkedIn is now emerging as a vital plank in B2B advertising and marketing strategy. LinkedIn is a professional social network where users share their experience, job title, skills, interests, and education – all to an advertiser’s benefit if your audience targeting matching these options.

  1. Specific targeting: LinkedIn allows you to narrow in on the demographic or select group of individuals you want to reach. Filter through your audience by job title, industry, gender, age, degree, location and more.
  2. Active professional user base: With more than 600 million professionals on LinkedIn you will access an extensive database of potential clients or in the first instance, people that want to learn more about your business.
  3. Increase awareness: Whether your business requires content creation or a direct paid Ads campaign you will have theopportunity to create better brand awareness and visibility for potential employees, consumers, and business partners.


Most frequent questions and answers

BGPro uses real data and automation that avoids guesswork that you would normally get in the digital advertising marketplace. We can help businesses within and outside Australia achieve amazing results fast.We know how to tailor content for specific audiences, grow your network and importantly uncover high quality leads using LinkedIn’s powerful features.


Our clients have their unique portal login  to access real time reporting for your LinkedIn paid Ad and other social media campaigns as along with up to the minute executive reports tracking all progress.

You must decide which ad spend plan you want. The goals of your campaign should align with the pricing model you choose.

For instance, if you’re looking to gain new leads, setting a bid amount will drive the best campaign results for your business. You’ll only pay when people click on your ad, which indicates that they are interested in your business.

Regardless of which ad type you choose, the amount you pay is based on your budget. If you’ve ever run a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, these LinkedIn ads work similarly. You have a set budget and you only spend the amount you budget.

BGPro’s LocalAds campaign can predict both offline and online user behaviors to serve ads more efficiently. It makes this happen by examining your audience’s location data and the devices they’re interacting with.

While other advertising technologies can target a specific location, our software  analyzes sequenced physical locations to establish a link between them, learn how your potential customers behave, and improve your campaign’s performance while tracking every important conversion.

According to LinkedIn, three factors influence your LinkedIn advertising costs:

  1. Target audience: When you advertise on LinkedIn, you compete with other advertisers to get your ad seen. If you target an audience in high demand, you can expect higher costs because of that audience’s value and increased competition for that audience’s attention.
  2. Bid: Your bid will also impact your LinkedIn ad costs. That’s because, while you won’t ever exceed your bid, you will pay a portion of it. That’s because LinkedIn’s ad auction has the auction winner pay one cent more than the next highest bid.
  3. Ad relevance score: When it comes to LinkedIn advertising costs, ad relevance scores play a tremendous role. A high ad relevance score can lower your expenses because LinkedIn wants to serve users relevant and engaging ads.

Understanding these ad cost factors can help you lower your LinkedIn ad costs.

BGPro’s software  makes it easier than ever to increase social traffic and followers and identify which content or paid Ads are generating the best results. 

There are three different bidding options available for LinkedIn ads:

  1. Cost-per-click (CPC): You pay when people click on your LinkedIn ad. This is a great option if you want to drive valuable traffic to your page and earn leads.
  2. Cost-per-impression (CPM): With this model, you pay for every 1000 impressions. When people see your ad, you pay for them to view it, but not interact with it. The goal with these types of ads is to drive brand awareness.
  3. Cost-per-send (CPS): CPS is another pricing model available to your business. This model is used when you send information through sponsored InMail. With this form of advertisement, your information goes directly to leads in their LinkedIn mailbox.

These are the different types of pricing models you can use for your LinkedIn campaign. These models will impact the price and the cost of your campaign. When you run a campaign, you must know which model you want to use.

There are three ways you can advertise on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored content: This is the most common type of content on LinkedIn. These ads appear in your audience’s newsfeed. They blend seamlessly into the newsfeed.

  • Sponsored InMail: When you use InMail advertising, you send a sponsored message to specific leads you think would be interested in your business. Many times, businesses will use this as an opportunity to reach candidates for job openings or event them to industry-related events.

  • Text ads: These ads are similar to display ads you run through AdWords. They typically appear on the sidebar of LinkedIn.

To start your campaign, you must decide which advertising style you want to use. Each offers their own unique reach for your business.

Once you choose the type of ad you want to run, you can start setting it up. A LinkedIn account and a credit card are all it takes to run an advertising campaign on LinkedIn.

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